Banjul International Colloquium on slavery, slave trade and colonialism July 25, 26, 27 2016

July 2016

Through this rare gathering, The Gambia wishes to once again put the triple painful episodes of slavery, slave trade and colonialism before the court of international public opinion in order to fully expose the negative effects they have on the social, economic and political evolution of Africa, and The Gambia in particular. The colloquium will attract over a 1000 stakeholders ranging from political leaders, economic players, historians, legal luminaries, religious scholars, economists, ethnographers and media personnel to examine how the triple exploitation of slavery, the slave trade and colonialism have negated the course of Africa’s progress and to also chart a way forward so that those who have suffered from these crimes will be adequately and justly compensated for their losses.

The occasion will spread over three days, and besides the plenary, it will be punctuated by field visits to sites associated with the slavery and colonialism in The Gambia such as Fort Bullen Barra Point; Kunta Kinte Island, River Gambia; and the village of Juffureh, the birth place of Kunta Kinte, the slave hero in Alex Haley’s book Roots. There also will be appropriate display of Gambian culture in its varied forms during the event to signify that despite these triple pains, our culture remained resilient and gave hope to our people in the midst of the centuries of foreign intrusion and exploitation.

The Gambia beckons!

Hassoum Ceesay

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