Mission Statement

To inspire, innovate and achieve financial success with ending worth.


The objects of the Association are:

    1. to be a Non-Political and Non Partisan Association.
    2. To produce, organize, unite and assist the Professional music producers and promoters engaged and to conduct, control, regulate and guide their relations with their employers/employees.
    3. To try directly to inform its members for music recording dubbing shows, etc.
      and live performances, as required by the [ Producers, Promoters and Recording Companies]
      1. To secure to the members fair conditions of life & services.
      2. To try to redress their grievances.
      3. To try to prevent any reduction of wages, and if possible to obtain an advance whenever circumstances allow;
      4. To endeavour to settle disputes between employers and employees amicably so that a cessation of work may be avoided;
      5. To endeavour to provide against sickness, unemployment, infirmity, Old Age and Death.
      6. To endeavour to secure compensation for members in cases of accidents under the workman’s compensation act;
      7. To endeavour to provide legal assistance to members in respect of matters arising out of, or incidental to their employment;
      8. To endeavour to render aid to the members during any strike or a lock-out brought about with the sanction of the Association.
      9. To obtain information in reference to the Musical industry in the Gambia and abroad;
      10. To co-operate and federate with organisations [of artistic genres] particularly musical or having similar objects, in Gambia and abroad;
      11. To help secure royalties fairly, in accordance with the Gambia Copy Right Act, for its members;
      12. Generally, to take such steps as may be necessary to ameliorate the social, economic, civic and political conditions of the members.


  • For the attainment of these objects, the Association may organize centres in various localities.
  • To promote, improve and maintain the high standards for the production of Professional musical competence, conduct, and integrity.
  • To foster brother-hood among the stakeholders of Copy Right and other artistic genres With similar interests through the Confederation and all other sectors mentioned to promote and safe guard the economic and cultural interest of its members.
  • To affiliate, to amalgamate, cooperate or federate with any organization as may be decided by the General Body.
  • To negotiate with state and/or Central Govt. for the enactment of suitable legislations for adequate safe guards, of the interest of the members and furtherance thereof.
  • To endeavour to get it's recognition from the Govt. approach Minister of Tourism and Culture for unemployment, Insurance Scheme, Artists Endowment Funds, Performing Rights, Intellectual and Royalty Rights from users and employers also protection of performers of the members rights globally [individually or collectively]
  • To engage in such other legitimate activities as such are incidental and conducive to the attainment of the aforesaid objects.
  • To render justice and equality and promote the welfare of all its members and shall not discriminate any member on grounds of caste, creed, [religion] race & sex.
  • To respect and uphold the dignity and respect the ideals of the Association and render his/her professional services to the Association when called upon to do so
  • Do all such things specified herein, to the attainment of the objects of the Association.
  • To provide standard contracts.