Kerr Batch

Kerr Batch




Kerr Batch Museum, Kerr Batch Village,

Nianija District, Central River Region

Kerr Batch is the site for one of our UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Stone Circles site which is known for its v-shaped stone. The museum aims to add value to the site and also interpret the cultures of the surrounding areas.

The theme for this exhibition is ‘Ethnic Diversity: Highlights from Niani, Nianija and Saloum Districts’. It was put up in 2005 with funding from the UNESCO participation programme. The exhibition consists of objects, texts and photographs relating to themes such as economic activities of the area, and traditional ceremonies. Ethnic groups featured in the exhibition include Wollof, Mandinka, Fula and Konyagi. A diorama of the stone circles serves as the centre piece.

The exhibition’s sections are: agriculture, religion, fishing, hunting, weaving, leather working, pottery, smithery, music, initiation, body adornments and a replica traditional kitchen.

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