Fine Arts

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Project Description


Mission Statement

The Visual Arts Association of the Gambia (VAAG) is a non-profit making organisation that aims to promote fine arts, and preserve our Gambian culture; support and promote the development of art in the Gambia; transfer skills and knowledge to others; to build the creativity and innovation among artist both in and outside the Gambia.

Aims and objectives:

  • To promote the interest of the members of the association both locally and internationally
  • To encourage training and development of visual artists and to contribute to national development.
  • To create a network for artist and encourage cultural exchange and cooperation amongst artist
  • Offer advice and seek legal assistance to members on copyright infringements and other legal issues that relate to their profession.


  • The VISUAL ARTS ASSOCIATION OF THE GAMBIA (VAAG) is a non-profit association of professional visual artists.
  • To promote, foster understanding and collaboration among members.
  • To preserve our national culture in the arts; create and develop better arts work in the Gambia.
  • Keep the works of Gambian Artists alive.
  • To foster Unity among Artist
  • Establish an art centre to serve as permanent home for display, promotion of the works of the Artists; provide meeting place to bring all members together.
  • Elevate and give prominence to arts education at all level in Gambia education system.
  • Collaborate with other associations to boost the art of creativity and innovation.